Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read the following terms with attention. They apply to the bookings for the “SOS Spring Session” and the “Soulsurf Experience”  that are made by you through this website and will be provided by the Soulsurf crew and the organizer Paul Trommer.

This document sets out the obligations that Soulsurf (the „Soulsurf crew,” the „organizer Paul Trommer,” “us” or “we”) owes to you (or “client,” ), and the obligations you owe to Soulsurf, when a contract is formed between you and Soulsurf.

If you are booking on behalf of a group, it is the responsibility of you/the client who books online and accepts the terms and conditions to make sure all other persons in the group have read the Terms and Conditions and have agreed to its contents.  The Contract between you and Soulsurf, described below, is made subject to the following Terms and Conditions:


“Soulsurf” is an enterprise of teachers, artists and volunteers under the aegis of Dipl. Sportwiss. Paul Trommer presented on the website www.soulsurf.de.

Paul Trommer´s business address is:

Schlesische Str. 14
10997 Berlin

“Client,” or “you” pertains to all persons named on the booking form, or intending to join a Soulsurf event.

A “product”, „package“ or “experience” is any service sold and offered by Soulsurf.

„SXP“ or “Soulsurf XP” stands for the Soulsurf Experience (Portugal). All clients will be deemed to have read, understood, and accept all booking conditions upon registering for a Soulsurf product.

Booking your Soulsurf product

Making a reservation for the SOS Spring Session or for the Soulsurf Experience is easy and should be done using one of the following means available:

Website – use the booking engine on our website and book online. It’s not required to have a Pay Pal account to complete the online reservation.

Email – if you require further help and need more information about special dates, length of stay, different packages or other, please contact us (use the contact form) and we will respond to your questions, confirm availability and guide you through the booking process.

Phone – you can call us on weekdays from 10am – 8pm under +49 (0)179 55 931 77. We will guide you through the booking process.

Special requirements (e.g. dietary or medical requirements) must be identified at time of booking, and again at check-in.

When you book a product with Soulsurf for other people, you accept these terms and conditions for yourself and for the people for whom you book the product.  It is your responsibility to inform the other clients and make sure they have read, understood, and agree to these terms.  If you will not use the product that you book, you must provide Soulsurf with the contact details of the people who will use the Soulsurf product.

Payment methods:

Bank transfer

Payments through bank transfer should use the following bank connection:

BANK NAME: Triodos Bank
IBAN: DE30500310001032925002


You can use PayPal to pay your bookings, with a 15 euro surcharge. This is a moderate fee, if you consider that we are being charged 4% for Pay Pal and Credit Card transactions.

Bookings made online are automatically directed to PayPal for full payment of the Soulsurf product. The option for PayPal/Credit Card payment must be checked and the surcharge paid to complete the booking.

The Contract

Your booking and reservation is accepted by Soulsurf and becomes effective from the date we confirm your booking. On that date, the contract is formed between you and Soulsurf.  We will confirm your booking/reservation only after you made a downpayment of at least 50% of the package price you booked.

Changes or cancellations by you

If you wish to change or amend your booking, Soulsurf will make every effort to assist you if we are able.  Soulsurf cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your desired amendment.

If you wish to cancel the booking, you must inform us as soon as possible. The cancellation is effective on the day that Soulsurf receives it, via telephone, mail or email. We will confirm your cancellation immediately by email.

The following cancellation charges will apply:

- Cancellation within 90 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 05% of your booking price/total

- Cancellation within 60 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 10% of your booking price/total

- Cancellation within 45 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 20% of your booking price/total

- Cancellation within 30 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 30% of your booking price/total

- Cancellation within 10 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 50% of your booking price/total

- Cancellation within 3 days before the beginning of the booked Soulsurf event: 100% of your booking price/total

The above regulations regarding cancellations do not apply to bookings as a “helper”, who is participating in the work exchange program that Soulsurf offers. For bookings of a “helper deal” there will be no refund in case of cancellation. Helper spots are limited and we need to be sure that the people who reserve a spot really come.

Changes or cancellations by Soulsurf

Soulsurf arranges activities months in advance. Occasionally Soulsurf has to make changes, and we reserve the right to do this. This also applies to members of the Soulsurf crew. If a scheduled teacher is not able to participate or teach, we will arrange alternative offers and try to compensate as best as possible. Soulsurf reserves the right to alter schedules, itineraries, and amenities without refunds during the period of service due to unforeseeable and unpredictable circumstances, including force majeure situations. These changes are usually insignificant and will not negatively affect the experience. Soulsurf will inform you of any changes as soon as possible.

In rare circumstances, Soulsurf may have to cancel the whole or part of the product.  In these situations, Soulsurf will use its best efforts to offer alternative arrangements of a comparable standard. If no satisfactory alternative arrangements can be found, you will have the option of receiving another Soulsurf product of equal price, a Soulsurf product of lesser price with a refund comprising the difference between product prices, or a full refund.

Accommodation policy

The Soulsurf venue is the Vaga Splash Waterpark/Camping. It has a capacity for aproximately 150 people, in tents and 16 bungalows.

The standard packages (10-/5-day-Pack) include accomodation on the Vaga Splash Camping. In case you do not book any Bungalow Upgrades, remember to bring your tent, a matress and a sleeping bag.

The Bungalow Upgrade “Double” is for 2 Persons, sharing a Bungalow. You may book Upgrade “Single” to use a bungalow individually.

The Bungalow Upgrade “Quatro” is for 4 Persons sharing a Bungalow.

You are responsible for keeping the bungalows, bathrooms and common areas clean, undamaged and ready for others to use. It is expected from guests to respect each other as they share the lodging. For any damage caused to equipment or disregard for conduct rules you will be held responsible and Soulsurf holds the right to refuse accommodation and invite guests to leave the venue.

- Check-ins after 14h00 / Check-outs before 12h00.

- Silence time: 24h00 – 07h00.

- No smoking inside the tents.

- Clients booking the Bungalow Upgrade “Quatro” are expected to use only their bed and shelve to store luggage, leaving all other beds and shelves free for newcomers.

- The bungalows should be left clean before departure. Extra cleaning expenses might be charged.

Transfer policy

Prices for the Soulsurf events exclude arrival and departure to the Venue (Vaga Splash Waterpark). A Transfer at the beginning and the end of the Soulsurf events will be organized between Aveiro Train station and Vaga Splash. Please give us your travel details beforehand, to organize your pick up! Nearest International Airport is Porto.

Soulsurf does not refund any alternative transfer taken by clients (namely taxi, train or bus).

Surf lessons

The time of the day at which surf lessons take place, depend on weather, tide and wave conditions and are decided by the responsible surfing instructor. Weather and wave conditions are absolutely out of our control and therefore we can never guarantee for best surfing conditions. We do however make the most effort to be updated on recent forecasts to be able to decide for best surfing times and locations. Should by decision of the responsible surfing instructor the surf lessons be cancelled, due to dangerous or insufficient weather and wave conditions, alternative activities to replace surfing will be offered. Please respect the schedules of the surf lessons. We do not provide any exceptions to the regular surf class schedule. If you do not show up to the regular surf class, we will make no refund. The organizer is subcontracting the local surf school Secret Surf to supply surf lessons and surf equipment. Clients are strictly required to follow the instructions of their teacher, with special attention to the safety rules. In the case of injury inform your teacher without any delay.

If you are taking Surf lessons (swimmers only!):

- make sure you are prepared to be in the water: no heavy meals beforehand and without drug intoxication!

- Be on time for the surf classes.

- You are responsible for your surf equipment. It should always be handled with care and brought back clean.

Privacy policy

Your personal information is just for the Soulsurf enterprise. We will not give it to any third party. Soulsurf holds the right however to use it for the Soulsurf newsletters with updates and interesting news, which you can cancel to receive at any time.

Your Obligations

The Soulsurf Experience is meant to offer you a pleasant and safe holiday experience, yet it contains an inherent element of risk that present certain dangers, risks and physical challenges greater than those present in our everyday lives. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge the risks that are involved with the participation in the activities offered by Soulsurf and you accept them. Clients engage in all activities at their own risk.

You are strongly encouraged to purchase comprehensive travel insurance that specifically covers surfing and other non-motorized extreme sports, in addition to insurance that covers cancellation, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, death, and loss of personal baggage and money, as well as personal liability insurance.

You must remind the organizer and workshop teachers of any special requirements at the time of check-in.

It is your responsibility to be on time and not to miss transportation (such as airplanes, trains or buses, whether or not they are provided by Soulsurf) to event sites. The Soulsurf accepts no liability if the client cannot enjoy the full Soulsurf event because the client was late and missed his or her transportation.

A client and his/her personal belongings are the client’s sole responsibility.  It is your responsibility to inform the Soulsurf crew of any medical condition or disability and any special arraignments required by the client at the time of booking.  All visas, travel documents and passports are the responsibility of the client.

There will be no credit or refunds for services not used, or any lost, mislaid or destroyed travel documents.

All customers are expected to behave in an orderly and acceptable manner.  You will not be able to continue with the Soulsurf Experience if you are incapable of caring for yourself, or if you become objectionable to other clients, or if you become a danger to yourself.  In such circumstances, Soulsurf will not be responsible for booking alternative transportation for you, nor will you receive any refunds.

You agree that Soulsurf may use your statements or photographic/video likeness in future brochures, advertising and other publicity material.  If you do not want Soulsurf to do so, please inform us and we will avoid to use these materials or/and remove the content.

You will pay for any damage to facilities or personnel that you cause.