• SOS Spring Session •


Join the SOS Spring Session

Inspired by the dancing participants of the past Soulsurf Experiences and their authentic embodiment as liberated souls, and the revelations of neuroscience which are mimicked by the decentralized network architecture of the world wide web, we invite you now to join the Self-Organized Soulsurf Spring Session: we offer the “hardware” and you “write the software” ;) This is an “open source” event, meaning the participants/users create the program and the daily schedule themselves.

Use the Soulsurf infrastructure to be, co-create, learn and teach. Trust your own capabilities, as well as the support and swarm intelligence of colorful and likeminded people to have a beautiful time by the beach. Come to do what you want: Enjoy the ocean, the natural elements, the sunrises and sunsets … communicate, collaborate and celebrate … dance, surf, jam, acro yoga, thai massage … paint, handicraft, slam poetry … juggle, make music, sing … prepare food and eat together … you name it, you do it: what makes your soul surf!

Booking opens on 1. January 2018!

That´s Provided by Soulsurf/Included in the Ticket Price:

  • 3 Daily soulfood meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Camping area to put your tent/campervan
  • Sunrise beachdance sessions to start the day (Sun-Soulutation) and other spontaneous dance opportunities and poolpartys
  • Space for your activities: 2 big tents (for movement or bodywork), a cozy indoor fire place (to make music or chillax), the Vaga Splash Waterpark facilities (pools, water slides, bathrooms etc.)
  • Support to co-create the daily program & to communicate your actions

We Invite You To:

  • Dance, surf (in every way) and tune into natural rhythms;
  • Collaborate and celebrate;
  • Initiate actions and offer your knowledge/wisdom/skills to build the daily program in different formats like: workshops, lectures, teasers, lab´s, research groups, sharing circles, trainings, courses etc.
  • Come together during the meals, to communicate and announce the different group activities.

Initiatives We Would Love To See:

  • Everything that builds and strengthens somatic awareness, authentic embodiment and group cohesion
  • All which promotes creativity, expression, playfulness, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, unity and natural ecstasy
  • Every practice that empowers individuals and groups

There is plenty of space for all kind of activities – explore and develop your own potential and make use of the different spaces like the tents/dome, empty or full pools, the beach, the ocean, the gras (soccer) field, the living room/fire place for:

Contact Improvisation … Thai Yoga Massage … Bodysurfing … Partner Acrobatics … Feldenkrais … Acro Yoga … Body Mind Centering … Watsu … Singing Circles … Impro Theater … Making Music … Laughing Yoga … Clowning … Dragon Dreaming … Children Adventure …  Ecstatic Dance … Drumming … Painting … Hoola Hoop  … Surfing … and much more.

We kindly ask you to:

  • be open, curious, respectful, authentic, self-responsible, honest, supportive, playful, funny, courageous, mindful, tolerant, creative, loving, enthusiastic, friendly and positive!