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The Soulsurf Experience Portugal 2017

3 Day Soulsurf Experience5 Day Soulsurf Experience10 Day Soulsurf Experience

Booking Periods: 

  1. Booking Period (early bird prices): 15. May – 15. July 2017 - save 15% (over!)
  2. Booking Period (intermediate prices): 16. July –  15. August 2017 - save 5%
  3. Booking Period (regular prices): 16. August – 16. September 2017 - Full Price

Join The Soulsurf Experience in 3 steps

Step 1 – choose the duration of your stay:

This step already includes your daily sunrise beach dance & breakfast/lunch/dinner.

  • 3-days
  • 5-days
  • 10-days

Step 2 – pick your accommodation option:

  • Camping in your own tent or campervan
  • Camping in a rental tent
  • Bungalow “quatro” (1 Person, in a shared bungalow with 3 others)
  • Bungalow “double” (2 Persons in 1 bungalow)
  • Bungalow “single” (1 Person in 1 bungalow)

Step 3 – customize your optional program/”sessions”:

“Session” = surf class or workshop/intensive class of: acroyoga, contact improvisation, bodywork/thai massage. A session has a duration of approx. 2.5 hours. Every day there is one workshop/session after the breakfast and a second workshop/sessions in the afternoon.

  • No sessions
  • 1 session per day 
  • 2 sessions per day
  • Workexchange (3h work/day for 1 session ) 

Note: In case you would like to do 2 sessions per day, please make sure to check the schedule to make sure that you´re favorite classes are not happening at the same time.


The final price of your Soulsurf Experience, will be the sum of :

  1. “duration of stay”
  2. “accommodation”
  3. “program/sessions”

Duration of stay (includes daily: sunrise dance & breakfast, lunch, dinner)
3-days: 80,-
5-days: 130,-
10-days: 255,-

Accommodation (includes daily ticket to waterpark/pool/slides)
Camping in own tent: 0,- per day
Camping in rental tent: 5,- per day
Bungalow "quatro": 15,- per day/person
Bungalow "double": 22,- per day/person
Bungalow "single": 38,- per day

Session = surf class or workshop/intensive class (2,5h) of: acroyoga, contact improvisation, bodywork/thai massage.
No Sessions: 0,-
Workexchange (3h work/day for 1 daily session): 0,-
1-5 Sessions: á 25,-
6-10 Sessions: á 23,-
20 Sessions: á 20,-

Calculate Your Package & Book Here: 

3 Day Soulsurf Experience5 Day Soulsurf Experience10 Day Soulsurf Experience


The bungalows have their own charme due to their striped outside painting and give an extra comfort to your attendance of the Soulsurf Experience. Still keep in mind that we will be at an aquatic waterpark by the beach in Portugal and not a five star hotel – simplicity should be expected! :) The staff of the Vaga Splash Waterpark and the Soulsurf crew give their best to make your stay as joyful as possible.

The Bungalows are equipped with a fridge and a separated bathroom with a toilet and a shower, which is gas heated to provide warm water.