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The Soulsurf Experience Portugal 2017

Let your soul be your pilot – Dance With The Ocean

One of our deepest desires in life is to just flow. To be at ease, and smoothly move like water. Without being distracted or held back by obstacles. The state of flow is gracefully symbolized by the act of surfing, that joyful oceanic experience of being one with the universe. A soulsurfer is someone who is not “surfing” for competition or comparison, but for the nurturing experience that comes with the feeling of flow.

The Soulsurf Experience is an opportunity to touch the spirit of people coming from different communities (dancers, surfers, yogis, bodyworkers) sharing and cultivating a conscious and collaborative togetherness through their practice.

Different disciplines, same spirit – let´s complement and inspire each other!

Daily Rhythm:

  1. Sunrise-Ecstatic-Dance
  2. Breakfast
  3. Workshop/Session Block I 
  4. Lunch
  5. Siesta
  6. Workshop/Session Block II
  7. Dinner
  8. Sunset
  9. Evening Specials

The Soulsurf Experience invites you to (re)connect with yourself, others and nature in the most blissful way. Bathe in natures elements, rhythms and frequencies at the ocean with sunrises/sunsets, tides and waves. 10 days filled with a joyful program, music, dance, bodywork/massage, soulfood, water actions and sweet people.

Program & Workshops/”Sessions” 

The Soulsurf Experience has 4 core disciplines. These practices will be covered every day in intensive workshops (Sessions):

  1. Surfing,
  2. Dance (Contact Improvisation/Ecstatic Dance),
  3. Bodywork (Thai Massage) and
  4. Acro Yoga.

Beginners & advanced practitioners welcome!

Apart from the core disciplines there are other related practices that support the soulsurf spirit, which will be offered as “mini”-workshops on special days only.



The blissful act of flowing with, and gliding on water. Surfing is the mother of all board sports, it has been an art form already  among ancient cultures living near the ocean. It is the natural way to have an “oceanic experience” – the phenomena which psychologists call the feeling of being one with the universe. Surfing moves our awareness onto the water element and the ocean, which is not only a great teacher but also a wonderful playground.

The surf classes during Soulsurf Experience are provided by the local surf school Secret Surf, which is located on the event venue and has a charming staff of qualified and experienced instructors.


MorningDanceTo salute the rising sun dancing is a powerful ritual to start into the day with. The internationally renown Ecstatic Dance ambassador Pascal de Lacaze-Duthiers invites us to surf invisible (sound)waves through dance, with the support of our soulsister Anja Malkmuß. Ecstatic Dance is a transformational dance journey. Wholeness, aliveness and connection come into focus. Body, mind and spirit unite as we come back to our true selves, joining together with others through the simple act of dancing. This is the dance we dance when nobody is watching! Music and movements begin very subtle, gradually increasing dynamic until we reach a peak with full expression and energy release. After about 1 hour the music gently moves back into music with slower gooves. In the end there is a 15 minutes chillout phase with soft live music.

Acro Yoga


AcroYoga is new movement culture that combines Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage in a very sophisticated and playful way. It has strong communities of practitioners all over the world. It needs at least 2 people (“Base” & “Flyer”), in the beginning 3 people (a “Spotter” to help and secure). In “Therapeutic Flying” the Flyer stays more passive, as he receives a massage while flying. in “Acrobat Flying” the duo of Base and Flyer team up to expand into a common flow.

Acroyoga truly offers the magic of bringing people from all kinds of backgrounds together from the very beginning. Giving ourselves the permission to play and connect to our inner child has a wholesome and refreshing effect on our souls. Confronting us with our fears and limits in a safe and encouraging environment empowers us to overcome those boundaries and grow with a joyful and trusting mind set.

Bodywork/Thai Massage


By incorporating various movement principles such as ‘slowing down’, ‘becoming aware of your body’, ‘sharing weight’ and ‘sinking’, you will learn basic and advanced Thai Massage techniques – where your feet and elbows become your hands. This will invite a whole new world of possibilities of getting in touch. Allowing yourself to dive deep and fully expand – through acupressure and stretching. Giving a massage can ultimately be like a dance of awareness for the giver, as it is relieving for the receiver to get grounded through weight. While Thai Massage offers grounding and has a recharging effect, Cranio Sacral Work offers an art of listening and diving into the subtler spheres of your “dream” body. Through refined ways of touch, heightened awareness and an open heart, we will explore different modes of not only touching the body but also the soul.
In a relaxed and playful setting, you will be guided to explore different qualities of touch and experiment with new ways of movement – integrating some foundational principles of (acro)yoga and contact impro. Learning to use our hands, arms, our whole body as an extension of the heart. We co-create an environment that helps grounding yourself to become aware of the inner and outer waves – rooted in the present moment you can get in touch with the beauties of nature.

Contact Improvisation


This intensive workshop with Vega will offer you a diverse range of core principles in contact-improvisation. We will work both technically, concentrating on building up functional understanding of underlying physical principles and structures of contact improvisation, as well as widening the trust to our instincts, impulses and intuition. Letting ourselves completely free, and following the flow. But also understanding how do our bodies work? How do our joints, bones, muscles and skin function?

Every session we build up softly, and slowly ending up towards more technical material and challenges. We often start with individual floor-work,offering particular principles and tasks, and then gradually building up to standing using the natural spirals of the body. Exercises will alternate between contact and solo work to connect the group as a whole. Creating an open, safe environment where participants can feel totally free. Emphasis will move on to improvised duets where we use each others energy to spin off into moments of freedom and individuality, then seamlessly reconnecting with our partner.

The main focus of the workshops will be to cultivate deeper awareness of listening, breathing, giving, receiving, and very importantly – timing. We will develop our dances from inside out, from down to up, exploring organic movement on different levels. Finding soft strength and support, preparing our bodies to listen and connect with the others, as well as with the space, and our surroundings.

We will explore basic tools of contact as sharing weight, center-to-center, and rolling point of contact. Support, momentum, suspension, inertia. Different qualities of touch, impulses. Leading and following, falling, spiralling… Playing with the gravity, pushing and pulling, counterbalance and more…

We will look detailed into head-tail connection, and spirals of the spine. We are also going to look techniques for lifting and being lifted. Using our breath to soften our body-tone. Finding effortless and easy ways to move together through the space – finding the flow, and joy of dancing. Effortless magic.

We´ll also play with energetical space around us – flowing in and out of contact. Creating a sphere of listening with all our senses, touching without touching. Developing sensitivity to read and follow each others in movement, and cultivating playfulness – breaking the rules and being surprised.

We will also include different dance-scores into our practice, which allow you to get into your own dance-flow, integrating the learnt technique into your own movement. And of course – we will have lot of fun!

Aquatic Research

aquatic_researchThe water element offers completely different opportunities and experiences then moving on land, it invites us to float and fly through liquid space! Inspired by dance and bodywork/massage – we can use the pool as our laboratory to explore new ways of movement and forms of interaction with others.  In this space with almost no gravity, we can play with principles of contact improvisation dance, combine movements from, bodywork, massage, cranio sacral therapy and apply partner stretches.  Depending on the weather conditions, there will be spontaneous water sessions, where the usually non-heated pool is filled with warmer water for us to play and experiment in it!



DJ Carie will enrich the Soulsurf Experience with her attendance and will also offer a “mini”-DJ workshop. The workshop will focus on basic DJ´ing skills like pitching 2 records, mixing and scratching.

Soul Food

Healthy vegetarian dishes that taste and make you feel good. We use mainly seasonal ingredients, from regional farmers that grow their crops in a traditional portuguese way. Let´s eat and enjoy together!

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